Messages from Margaret

Hay House Radio Message to Listeners 3.5.13

(This message was delivered to the listeners of the first “Messages from Margaret” Hay House Radio Program. The program airs every Tuesday from 3-4PM (PST) and 6-7 PM (EST). You can find it here):

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

I offer great thanks to all of you who have come to hear this program today and I offer the same message to you that I offered to those who came to read the book “Messages from Margaret.” By reading the book or by listening to these words you have made a conscious decision to take an active part in the re-creation of your life and as a direct result you have begun the energetic process of that change. There is a concept called the butterfly effect that scientists have developed that basically states that even the slightest change of energy in one part of the planet could cause a massive ripple effect on the rest of the planet…and this is a theory that is very true. Every one of you who move into the realization that life is not a random manner of occurrences, of which you have no control – but rather it is a creative collaboration of you and your fellow beings on this planet – you come to understand that every action you take, and every thought you have is creating your reality.

Many of you out there may find this a daunting concept that seems too difficult to live up to, or you may have heard the theory before but rejected it because you would never have consciously created the life you are in now- the illness you are suffering – the relationship pain you are feeling – the grief you have encountered.

But I come today dear ones to tell you please fear not…for you have been creating this reality all by yourselves because you believed you were alone and we have been here on the sidelines waiting to be asked to help. That is why I came to speak to Gerry and why I asked him to take my messages to others – to create the workshop so others could speak with their angels – to write the book so that these messages could be carried throughout the world – and to bring this message to all forms of media, like this radio show, so that you could feel the vibration of its ripple and you could take it into your heart and soul and you would learn that you can turn to your angels to help you to create the life you came here to create…which is a life filled with love, service and the knowledge that you all are one and we are all connected.

The ripple has begun and the world changes every day as the ripple moves forward…sometimes in waves of resistance, the same as a flowing stream is re-routed by rocks and then as gently flowing river and finally as a powerful ocean. All begins with a single drop of water. You are that drop of water – and you are that power ocean – one and the same. Your journey to become that power has begun.

Go in peace,



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