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Hay House Radio Message to Listeners “About the Concept of LUCK” 3.12.13

(This message was delivered to listeners of the Hay House “Messages from Margaret” radio program on 3/12/13. The program airs every Tuesday from 6-7PM EST and 3-4PM PST. For more information about the show visit this link):

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

Today I asked Gerry to speak on the topic of Luck, for I believe it to be one of the most misunderstood concepts among the human realm.

There are things that do happen by random chance and they happen to all humans because of the variety of energy that they come in contact with- and normally those things are designed to happen in that manner. For example, national lotteries will offer millions of ticket holders the chance to win a portion of a large jackpot of money. The game is statistically designed to create the most random of variables – so is it really luck in this sense that causes one to win – or is it the thought form of the winner? Both could be the correct answer. A soul could choose to experience the tremendous shift of going from lack to abundance – as many do – but there are so many things in your life that touch upon your ability to attract abundance in all its forms…be it love, money, a fulfilling vocation and even more!

For many of you, abundance is something that you have struggled with and feel that you may have worked very hard to attract and I speak to you today to say…please RELAX! Life was not meant to be so much of a struggle and sometimes you can be working so hard that you actually prevent the energy from coming your way!

Have you ever tried to loosen a screw or take the lid off of a jar and it seemed to get tighter and tighter until you realized that you were twisting it the wrong way?

Or have you ever struggled to open the lid of a jar and then handed it to someone – who you know has less strength then you, maybe even a child – and they twisted it off with ease?

They did not have the concept of struggle re-enforced in their thinking each time the lid didn’t come loose (which your mind translates to failure and struggle). They went in expecting it to open with ease!

This is the same concept that you will notice will happen in your thinking about abundance. The truth is that sometimes the harder you work at loosening the jar of abundance – the tighter you make it!

You have become so accustomed to phrases like “no one told you that life was going to be easy,” that you have come to believe it – and I  tell you dear ones – in every incarnation you face situations, and have the opportunity to experience them in an easy or a challenging way. Neither way is right or wrong – and each carries back to your soul valuable information for growth. But if you have already spent a major portion of your life in struggle – then perhaps a little bit of “easy” would not be such a bad thing!

Today Gerry will offer some tools to bring more ease to your life and I will answer some questions to help you to break the cycles of struggle.

Please allow us to help you to create a new life!

Go in peace,

Love, Margaret

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