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Hay House Radio Message to Listeners about “Near Death Experiences” 3.19.13

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Hello Dear One’s and Welcome,

The reason that I asked Gerry to read this excerpt from “Messages from Margaret” – (the chapter about the Soul and Higher Self) – is that I wanted to begin the discussion of the soul – your soul – as an eternal energy.  As an eternal energy that has existed since your creation and will never die in the future. You are a piece of the eternal energy of the Creator and in the form of your soul you have complete knowledge on an esoteric level – but as a human life form and in other life forms you garner knowledge on an experiential level.

You already can somewhat understand the difference between the two from your human existence. Have you not had the experience of thinking that you do not like someone, or something,  because those around you had influenced you into that thought…and then you tried that thing that they disliked, or got to know the person that they disliked and found, through the experience, that that your ability to like things had been increased.  That is why you take on a physical form. To discover all of the natural stimuli that your senses can experience and to grow in love and appreciation for all living things. Even those things that you do not enjoy evoke an emotion that is part of the physical and human experience.

So when you leave this container known as a body, you become instantly reacquainted with all of the memory that you have stored outside of the container and this is what is often termed as the “life review.”  You then (in what you might feel to be an instant) experience both the joy that you have brought to other lives and the pain that you have caused – along with the memory of the occurrence – and this comes to you not as a punishment, but as a review for you to bring back as you are reacquainted with the spiritual realm and you re-connect with your higher-self or your “whole spirit.”

There are many perceptions of this experience that I know many of you out there have experienced,  or have been told stories by those who have. There are those souls who may have encountered an experience they did not anticipate that caused their untimely transition and still others whose transition was altered by others that willed them back to life through medical means…and sometimes even through overwhelming grief or prayer. None of these physical reactions to death is wrong by the way…it merely refines and re-directs the original plan of the soul.  Again I say to you that there is not on the spiritual plane the same concept of “right and wrong” that you have on the physical plane.

Today I hope to answer some of your questions about what happens when you cross over, why time and space and separation are just illusions and why we regard you’re souls as the greatest creations in the universe.

I look forward to speaking with you.



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