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Margaret’s Message for September and a Special Message from Wayne Dyer

This month Margaret’s September 1, 2015 message, on Hay House Radio ( included a special tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – who passed away just days earlier. The tribute however took a wonderful turn when Margaret brought through Wayne to share his own message.

Margaret speaks first:

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

Usually, on this first radio show of the month I speak about the new month and how to best navigate the energies of that month and how to better understand how you can be at your most powerful during the upcoming month. And I do intend to do the same today – but I seek to do so with the help of someone that you all know and love.  You are all very aware that the physical form of the incarnation known as Wayne Dyer left that form to re-connect with his higher self this past weekend.

So many of you have shared such wonderful stories – on Facebook pages, on other Hay House radio programs and in your communications with friends and family.  Many of you who have been hearing me speak for some time are aware that there are those among you that I have referred to as prophets – for prophecy is not just about for-telling the future.  Prophecy is about tapping into the deeper knowing of what is the truth of the Universe  – what is the truth of this physical incarnation – and what is the truth of the future – not in predicting what WILL happen – but rather in predicting what CAN happen as the result of your understanding that you are the co-creators of all that exists.

Wayne Dyer was a prophet!  Often when he is explaining soul retrieval Gerry will expand upon the reason why our higher self decides to come into physical incarnations.  He will explain that you choose the family that you are going to be born into – and in so doing – the socio economic situations – the pre-disposed health situations and the environment that will determine if you are going to have support in your spiritual (soul) growth or if you are going to have to go it alone.  Very often, those incarnations in which you seem forced to “go it alone” are among the most powerful incarnations for expanding the soul.

Such was the case of this lifetime for Wayne.  Wayne certainly had his share of struggles and many times felt very lost and very alone.  But as time went on he began to “remember” bits and pieces of what it was to be a soul that was a part of a human existence – and he began to teach it in his classes.  Often when I speak to all of you in readings and on the radio program – I speak to you of how easy it actually is to live a happy life – and for many of you who hear this you think – well if it was that easy then why don’t we all have happy lives. And I would answer this by stating one short four letter word that Wayne was never afraid to speak. RISK!  In order to create the momentum of a belief becoming a reality there has to be the allowance of risk.  Let me explain. I often hear many of you talk about how different your life would be if you won the lottery – and I love to hear that because it means that you are clearly capable of imagining a very different and joyful life for yourself.   But if you never take the risk of actually buying a lottery ticket – then there is no way that your thoughts will become reality because you have tied them to that ticket and you are not allowing the ticket to be part of the picture.

Wayne realized this.  As he often spoke of – he traveled and appeared at book stores and sold books from his car. He took a huge risk in spending his own money to appear on Public Television during fund drives.  Those appearances took his messages to places that he could only imagine.  And through it all – as he grew in popularity and wealth – he continued to teach the same concepts that prophets before him have spoken through the ages. One that again comes down to another four letter word. LOVE!

He wore it on his shirt and on his heart and on his sleeve and Wayne Dyer truly believed that – as the prophet John Lennon said – Love is all you need.

We are entering the month of September and for many of you that means that you are moving away from the vacation mode of summertime and moving into the mindset of a new season. For many of you, someone in your circle is about to begin a new time period of schooling and each time period of schooling has one thing in common. It prepares you to learn the skills for the next period of learning.  This is very much what happens to you as a soul – and certainly that which happened to Wayne.

I would like at this time to allow Wayne to speak through me:

Wayne Speaks: Hello everyone! Thank you all so very much for the amazing outpouring of kindness that has been flowing since I transitioned.  Actually, I would prefer to use the phrase – when I became whole again.  That point when I reconnected with the source of my energy and in turn the source of all energy. 

Where do I start!

It feels a little odd speaking without my papers around me – I had become very secure with that.  I want to thank Margaret for allowing me to speak with you. I had said I was going to retire and stop writing books and we all know how well that went!  I am guessing that perhaps I’m not really done speaking either – although this does come as somewhat of a surprise.    To my family – I know this was so sudden but in so many ways I am so very grateful that it was this way.  I always thought there was no better way to cross over then in your sleep and you know I was anxious to “power up” again – so while I know you are sad – as I would be if I had lost one of you first – please know that I am now – quite literally able to be everywhere and I love it!!!  And I know that I have left you with more than enough funny stories of me to last an entire other lifetime!

To my many friends – there are so many of you that I’m hesitant to speak out to just one – I don’t want anyone to feel that my love for them is not as deep or my memories of you less profound. Just know that I will find a way to speak to all of you and here at Hay House there is an amazing collection of wonderful mediums that are going to help me to do just that.  So I am afraid to tell you that you haven’t heard the last from me!

And to all of you wonderful, wonderful people that are a part of this Hay House radio audience and the audiences at events and those who read my books and listen to my recordings – I am so grateful to you for allowing me to spread my message.

Last night (in your time) Margaret and I were speaking and I was trying to explain this gratitude that I felt and she asked me to wait and inspired Gerry to turn on the radio. On the air at the time was a film director who recently made a film from the personal tapes of the great actor Marlon Brando.  In one of them he was speaking to people saying that his role in “On the Waterfront” and his speech about “that he could have been a contender” was considered perhaps his greatest role and lines.  His response was that the only reason people saw that role as great and those lines as great was because they were that role and they were those lines – so he felt that he merely acted in a role that people felt in their hearts.

That is what you did for me. You gave me the chance to speak from my heart and your hearts felt what I was saying and then you applauded me for speaking what was in your hearts.  But you should be applauding yourselves because if you didn’t get it – no one would ever have heard of me.  It was your hearts that made me famous and your hearts that allowed me to feel so loved and so grateful for this amazing incarnation.

So know that I will continue to speak to those hearts and I am so grateful to have this chance to speak to you again – and not for the last time.  My thoughts live on through you and through my family and through anyone who believes that you get what you think.  Let me give this back to Margaret – but thank you all so very – very much!

Margaret Speaks: There is not much more to say then this. Live, learn, love!

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