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Margaret’s Message for December 2015

Hello dear ones and welcome!

It is so exciting to be here in the month of December, because this month, more than any other month of the year, is so filled with worldwide celebration, love, the sharing of gifts, the preparation to close out the current year and celebrate a new one – and of course it is the time of year where angels are depicted more often than ever and as a result you feel our presence more than ever!

It can also be a difficult time causing over indulgence, loneliness, financial discord and other difficulties of the human experience.  And I have come here today to suggest a gift that you might be able to give to others that may help with estrangement – will bring the world closer together – and will increase the vibration of love by manifesting your past joys into this current moment!

Many of you during this time of year create lists of those things that you wish to accomplish.  There are shopping lists for the ones that you love, lists of those people whom who desire to reach out to with holiday greeting cards or e-mails and still more lists of tasks to do and financial expenditures.  While I hate to add to your already very busy month I would like to suggest that you intersperse into this list one more list.  Your year end “sharing past joy” list.  It is something that is so easy to do but reaps such an amazing energetic return.

All that you do is to look at the people on your various lists and think back in time to a joyful memory that you have with that person. Something that makes you smile and you know would make them smile as well. And then, rather then sending a card that says “Happy Holidays” send one that says, “I was just thinking about you and remembered the time we……..and then share that experience. You can, of course finish that story with wonderful words like – “I love you” or “I miss you” and then close with “I can’t wait to make more wonderful memories with you!”  If you have a picture of the time you are thinking of you can even send that along.  Now the beauty of this is that you can do it via card, or e-mail or even something so quick and easy as a Facebook post or message or a twitter post – or the share of a photo with your memory in the caption!

The beauty of sharing old happy memories is that it quite literally calls up feelings of the joy that you currently hold in your cellular memory INTO THE CURRENT MOMENT in time – so you feel that joy as though it is happening right now – because it is. And because like energy attracts like energy,  then you call to you more joyful energy!

But in the process you also share that energy with the person to whom you have sent this loving memory and message – and in the case of a Facebook post, this may even be noticed by others who will comment on and expand that joy and perhaps get the same idea to do this with others.  Joyful loving memories are very powerful as they have the capacity to a create joyful, loving NOW and people love to remember happier times for that very reason. Joy is not confined by space and time. When you remember and feel the emotion of a a joyful past experience – you bring it into your present reality.  Your past joyful memories  – create your current joyful feelings – which manifest more joyful future experiences.

So end your year my friends and dear ones by sharing your joyful loving memories of all those who touch your lives – with those who have done so – and in so doing you will truly be spreading “Joy To The World!”

Go in Peace and Love,


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