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Margaret’s Message for the New Year (2016)

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

This is such an exciting time on your planet, as this is the one time of year where there is worldwide solidarity in a singular belief.  The belief that there is a demarcation of time that is bringing you from one calendar year into another.  I have often spoken on the truth that time is a very fluid and illusory thing – and that, in fact, all things are actually occurring at the same time – just at different points in the time/space continuum.  But what makes this so exciting, right at this point, is that all of humankind joins together in this acceptance that the New Year is real.  Yes, it is true that there are various religions, or cultures that may recognize the start of their New Year on a different date – but the common, lay belief, is that January 1st starts the New Year.

It is an illusion that has become so accepted that you all not only relate to it as a truth – but you even look to it in celebration – and with a wonderful anticipation of the potential for hope and joy in this new year that is coming.

This is why I do love the celebration of the New Year and why I feel that it is one of the most positive illusions that humankind has ever created!  You have fashioned the universal opportunity to start over; the chance to reflect upon a period of this incarnation and to actually tap into the soul truth that you have the capacity to actually wish for and to believe, that you can create a new future for yourself – and you use the New Year as the focal point to allow you to start anew with hope.

So in this regard then, January becomes one of the most powerful manifestation times of the year! For not only are you thinking about bringing in wonderful new things into your own life – but there are literally billions of you who are doing this at the same time. There is no other time of year where the planet is so focused on self improvement, health, organization, emotional restructuring and so much more!  And yet, each year when you do this, you do these things with the feeling that you are so very alone in the things that you desire to create.  In fact, you actually have the ability to tap into the creative energy around you from all the others who are sending out the “like energy” of your collective dreams and hopes for the purpose of attracting new realities.  In other words, for example, if your desire is to lose weight, then you can tap into the energy of all the other people seeking to lose weight and actually boost the power of your manifestation!  Over the course of the next month I will asking Gerry to post my suggestions as to how you can make this January a very different experience then you have encountered in the past. We will speak about the power of intention; the reason why you do not want to use the term resolution when you are speaking about your intentions (intention is a much better word to use); and how you can bolster the power of collective intention to help you to draw new realities into your life with significant speed.  Look to the facebook page for these posts and feel free to ask your questions about these things as well on that facebook page.

You may not understand why the power of collective manifestation is so important yet, but if you want an example, just think about the very celebration of the New Year. It would never be taking place if it were not for groups of people who created a calendar and convinced others to “follow” it so there could be better coordination among peoples.  Now if all of those individuals, yourself included,  could come to the agreement that a certain day would be considered the first day of a brand new year – imagine then how the same people could come, one day, to the decision that all of mankind should share a commonality in their being the same and equal creation.  That realization, and acceptance by mankind to that concept would put an end to war, it would put an end to poverty, it would put an end to crime and you would all realize that just as you celebrate the New Year’s Day as a time for hope and faith in the future – that you would celebrate every day for the new opportunities for all of you to be the true expression of your soul in human form.  And we of the angelic realm would sing praises to you in celebration of “Happy New You!”

Let us begin this journey together – your angels do desire to help you in your intentions and there is much more to come!

Go in Peace,


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