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2017 – The Year of Expansion

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

We are about to enter a new period of the measurement of time that you on earth refer to as the year 2017 AD.  Many are very concerned about this period and there are many out there who are espousing theories of doom and gloom and global catastrophe, which rival both the fears of the transition to the year Y2K and the end of the world concerns that surrounded the Mayan calendar and the year 2012.  It was at that latter time that I asked Gerry to first bring my messages to the world – so that I might speak two words to you and I speak to you again as we enter 2017 – FEAR NOT!

Just as in 2012, I urge you not to fear, because it is fear that draws more of its own energy to you and that which you dwell upon for prolonged periods of time does become your reality.  But if that energy of fear is shared by tens of thousands of people throughout the world – then the ability to manifest more of it becomes so much greater!  President Franklin Roosevelt, during the largest world war and one of worst financial periods the world has ever seen, said it best when he uttered “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself!”  Truer words were never spoken – for it is the energy of fear that causes mankind to implode its own energy – rather than expanding upon the energy of love – and that, dear ones, is what my message for 2017 is all about. Choosing love over fear, taking back your soul power and expanding your personal and planetary energy!  I ask you all to see 2017 as the “Year of Expansion!”

It is a year to expand the energy of your soul and that means to consciously choose to make every effort to respond to every event in your life with love, compassion and understanding. In other words, come from the place of your soul.  As amazing as it may seem, it is just as easy to respond to life from the place of love and expansion as it is to respond from the place of fear and contraction. The only reason you choose fear is because it feels “safe.”  Fear allows you to re-act rather than respond.  It causes you to act in a way that is similar to something you have done in the past in which you protected yourself from hurt or disappointment. Most times this leads you to either take an action that is similar to other people – so that you do not take the chance of making an “unpopular” decision – or you take no action at all, thus keeping you “out of the spotlight” so to speak.

But the re-markable thing is that you have just as often made decisions to expand your energy that have resulted in not only being safe – but being joy-filled as well!  Think about a time when you decided to try a new food that you now love today. The first time you tried it you were afraid – but then you had the courage to just try one little bite, and suddenly you were hooked!  Once you knew that you loved it then you had to share it with others, just as new music you love, or movies, or TV shows, or art, or books and even people whom you have met.  Once you identify something you love, the soul wants to help you to shout it out to the world!  You want to share it with everyone – unless you then revert to a place of fear and think that perhaps if you share it there won’t be enough for you.  This is the fear of lack and dear ones; this is the pervasive fear that is fueling the planet right now.  You all fear that someone or something is going to take away that which you have from you – or somehow make your life worse in the future.  Recent political campaigns focused on who could create the greatest level of fear and interestingly enough – although many may be disappointed by the results of the elections in many countries – what has been the prevailing thought is that people wanted change from the status quo (expansion) – and yet at the same time they voted for the policies and people who said that they would protect what was theirs and keep others from coming in and taking it (fear and contraction).

In truth dear ones the only way to keep others from “taking” what is yours is to freely share it.  For there is no lack – there is only more and if you focus on creating more in all that you do then there is no need to fear that others will take that from you.  If you look at your life today and think back to what it was just ten years ago, you will see that it is filled with so much technology and wonder and amazement then you ever could have imagined at that time. Your souls are constantly bringing you to expansion, but you just don’t see it because as soon as you have something then your brain fears losing it. FEAR NOT!! There is more where that came from.

There is no end to your creativity – no end to your potential – no end to the love that is the essence of your being.  You only need to think EXPANSION.  See yourself as a balloon. Would you prefer to see yourself as a balloon that constantly lets the air out of itself so that it is the same as smaller balloons (well who does that balloon think she is that she is all filled up with herself) or would you seek to expand yourself to be as large as possible – making it easier for you to float and climb and bounce around with joy?  But now I can hear many of you saying, “But Margaret what if I blow myself up too big and I pop!”  Dear ones, the balloon that is your soul is an ever expanding balloon that never pops – it just grows larger and the beautiful part is that when you share the breath of your expansion with others – to help them to grow – you never lose any of your growth – you just get bigger!

You can start this growth, this amazing expansion for 2017, by taking a few moments to reflect back on 2016 and to ask yourself what things you are grateful for in this past year.  I have heard so many of you say that you can’t wait for this year to be over. You have lost many icons – which means only that those who have expanded your lives have now expanded beyond their bodies and back to their soul state.  You have had tough financial or personal times, or you fear the direction that the leaders of the world are going.  Perhaps you have had health challenges.  Whatever your challenges or disappointments have been in this past year there have also been things that have been wonderful.  If you can’t think of things to be thankful for, it only means that your brain is locked in lack. So ask yourself, “why is it so easy for me to remember things from these past years that make me grateful?”  Then just think back month by month to some of the things that happened that month.  If you do so you will find that for all of your challenges and doubts there were positive things that happened as well. Keep repeating this, for those memories are stored.  Think of the music, movies, TV shows, you-tube videos, food, people and animals who made you happy this past year and give thanks for those things – because if you want to expand your energy you want to start from a place of gratitude – for gratitude helps you to recognize love and joy and then you can expand upon that!  You do not desire to expand upon that which you fear! Your desire is to expand on that for which you are grateful!  And if your response is to think that you had nothing to be grateful for in 2016, then that dear one is the energy you are drawing to you for 2017 and I ask you please open your heart and mind to the joy – because I guarantee you that it is there! Call upon your angels to help you – or even feel free to call upon me and I will help you to find your joy from this past year so you can bring it forward and expand that joy into the New Year!!!

This year has the potential to be the most amazing year ever – in the history of this planet – and all of you hold within you a part of making that happen.  Choose joy – choose love – choose compassion – choose understanding – CHOOSE EXPANSION! Choose to start your day by saying “Why is it so easy for this to be my most expansive day ever! Why is it so easy for today to be the most wonderful day of my life?”

Go in Peace, Love, Gratitude and Expansion,


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