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The Power of Synchronicity

Hello Dear Ones,

This month’s message is a particularly celebratory one for Gerry and me!  On March 5th we enter into the 5th year of the Messages from Margaret radio program on Since then we have spoken weekly with thousands of callers who have come to the show to ask my advice on love, health, finances, path and purpose and so much more.  What makes this especially exciting is that this opportunity to speak to all of you came from a series of synchronicities that may all have seemed to be rather random – but be assured that synchronicities never are!

I asked Gerry in 2010 to help me to write a book that would allow me to bring certain messages to the world.  Without any idea of how this could possibly happen, Gerry agreed, and began to write my messages on a daily basis as he commuted on the bus to work and back.  At times, when he became discouraged, we would “sync” him up with a random unsolicited e-mail that would lead him to a course or message that would help him. When he finished the book, called Messages from Margaret, he was led to an editor who helped him to edit it – and by multiple people to Balboa Press, a self publishing division of Hay House. He wasn’t sure how to market the book but knew he needed to take some form of action, so he brought it to a local holistic trade show.  There he met two additional authors, who read his book and invited him on their internet radio program. That program was heard by the woman who markets international book rights for Hay House, who also read the book and loved it and brought it to the attention of Reid Tracy – the CEO. That led to the book being published by Hay House – now being in nine languages – and the radio program that has allowed me to “bring my messages to the world” – which is exactly what I asked Gerry to help me to do!  It also led to a second book that featured questions for me from people all over the world – as well as from other prominent Hay House authors that Gerry never dreamed he would meet, let alone collaborate with. That new book is called, If You Could Talk to an Angel.  An amazing journey indeed!

The wonderful and mystical psychologist Carl Jung, explained synchronicity as events that are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.  Angels refer to them as the process where your conscious mind, higher self and your angels are able to “sync” energies together to bring to you experiences which you have created with a clear and firm desire.  Desire is not just about something that you want. It is something that you want, which is coupled with an almost uncontrollable energy to have it.  When you speak of food cravings, this is the very thing that I am speaking about.   You are firmly aware, that the slice of chocolate cake you are about to eat, is not in your healthiest interests – but the sensory pleasure of eating it is so strong that the urge is uncontrollable – meaning that you allow yourself to give up control.   You can see how you may already be allowing your desires to have full control of your being – so why not allow them to help you to manifest your dreams! When you give up control you open up your energetic flow to all types of possibilities and in so doing you align your desire with the creative forces of your higher self – coupled with the assistance of your angels – and it is there where magic happens!

You are all used to the process of syncing already.  You sync your electronic devices to other devices – you sync your schedules – and you create applications to allow you to more easily have access to all of the information that you desire.  In so doing you often agree to terms and conditions that give up control of much of your device so that the application is able to deliver what you want – while at the same time learning what you additionally like.  But the thought that you can use this same process of applying this surrendering of control, to bring things that you want to you in your complete life, is so hard for you understand and believe.  That is because, since you were little, you have been taught to be in control – and only to give it up to certain people.  You were taught to control your childlike behavior; control the volume of your voice; control your emotions; control your opinions; and most of all to give up control of your freedom only to those who were directly tied into your well-being, survival and happiness. That is why it is so easy to sign away your privacy rights in exchange for an app that allows you to create something as simple as funny faces! You are used to giving away control to others in some ways – but in other’s you are still trying to hold on to the illusion that if you are not in control you will get into some form of trouble.  This combination of two forms of differing thought creates energy that is not in “sync” with bringing you the things that you most desire.  On a physical, mental and soul level you need to be able to do the same thing that you do when you desire to download an application that will make your life easier or bring you joy! You need to allow the energies that are trying to help you to have access to your energy, and that will assist them in helping create joyful experiences that you desire now and in the future.  That means that you need to allow yourself to give up control of all of your outcomes and to become energetically vulnerable.  There is common misunderstanding about that word.  To be vulnerable is not about being weak – or allowing you to be easily hurt.  To be vulnerable is to be open to the energy of love – in all of its forms.  It is as though you found an app on your phone that said “Happiness – and how to get there” and in order to download it you had to give the app access to your heart and mind so that it could do what it needed to bring you its best services.  Your higher self cannot help you, your ancestors cannot help you and your angels cannot help you when you are holding on to the “controller.”   We cannot sync up our energies with yours when we are not granted the permission to upload the programs you no longer need and to download the ones that you do.

In the recovery movement there is an incredibly powerful phrase that gives up the controller and allows synchronicity to flow.  It is quite simply, “Let Go and Let God!”  You can paraphrase that phrase in any way that you might like. You could say, “Let go and let my higher self be free to help” or “let go and let my angels be free to help.” We say this because sometimes there are those who are not sure of what they believe and the Creator does not have a preference of who you ask to help in the process – only that you do ask – and let go so that the energies of your connected divinity can sync up.  I would also suggest that you would Afform “Why is it so easy for me to let go and be vulnerable to all love has to bring to me!”

If you think that perhaps this concept is a bit farfetched, then look no further then the fact that you are reading this because someone who followed this same concept, defied all customary odds, in order to help me to bring this message to the world. And today to have it reach your eyes – so that it can sync up with you!

All my love,


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