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This is the page where you can schedule appointments for Personal Readings with Margaret, Special Events and for Soul Retrieval Appointments. For more information on each just go to the separate tab on this site for each service.

If you are ready to schedule, just click the link below and you will be prompted to enter your time zone (makes it much easier to schedule) and then pick the date and time you would like for your session.  The available dates are the ones that are in BOLD.

Remember that if you have a discount code you will be asked for it along with your contact info – and it will automatically deduct the discount from your amount.  Also, we ask for your cell phone number in the event you would like to receive a text reminder of your appointment when it gets closer!  We also ask for your zip code so that we can let you know when we are doing specific events in your area ! If you are ordering a Gift Certificate just click on “View Product Catalog,” just below “Choose Time” on the scheduling page.  That will bring up the Gift Certificate page!

Ready to go?  We can’t wait to be able to help you to find more joy, love, abundance and compassion then you ever thought was possible!  So click here and we’ll be speaking in person soon!

Don’t forget that if you are booking for the special 50% off ($75) reading you have to use the code LOVE when you are asked for a Certificate Code, just after you put in your contact information!  During this promotion the Gift Certificate page will automatically offer readings at the $75 rate.

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