Messages from Margaret

The Power of Synchronicity

Hello Dear Ones,

This month’s message is a particularly celebratory one for Gerry and me!  On March 5th we enter into the 5th year of the Messages from Margaret radio program on Since then we have spoken weekly with thousands of callers who have come to the show to ask my advice on love, health, finances, path and purpose and so much more.  What makes this especially exciting is that this opportunity to speak to all of you came from a series of synchronicities that may all have seemed to be rather random – but be assured that synchronicities never are!

I asked Gerry in 2010 to help me to write a book that would allow me to bring certain messages to the world.  Without any idea of how this could possibly happen, Gerry agreed, and began to write my messages on a daily basis as he commuted on the bus to work and back.  At times, when he became discouraged, we would “sync” him up with a random unsolicited e-mail that would lead him to a course or message that would help him. When he finished the book, called Messages from Margaret, he was led to an editor who helped him to edit it – and by multiple people to Balboa Press, a self publishing division of Hay House. He wasn’t sure how to market the book but knew he needed to take some form of action, so he brought it to a local holistic trade show.  There he met two additional authors, who read his book and invited him on their internet radio program. That program was heard by the woman who markets international book rights for Hay House, who also read the book and loved it and brought it to the attention of Reid Tracy – the CEO. That led to the book being published by Hay House – now being in nine languages – and the radio program that has allowed me to “bring my messages to the world” – which is exactly what I asked Gerry to help me to do!  It also led to a second book that featured questions for me from people all over the world – as well as from other prominent Hay House authors that Gerry never dreamed he would meet, let alone collaborate with. That new book is called, If You Could Talk to an Angel.  An amazing journey indeed!

The wonderful and mystical psychologist Carl Jung, explained synchronicity as events that are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.  Angels refer to them as the process where your conscious mind, higher self and your angels are able to “sync” energies together to bring to you experiences which you have created with a clear and firm desire.  Desire is not just about something that you want. It is something that you want, which is coupled with an almost uncontrollable energy to have it.  When you speak of food cravings, this is the very thing that I am speaking about.   You are firmly aware, that the slice of chocolate cake you are about to eat, is not in your healthiest interests – but the sensory pleasure of eating it is so strong that the urge is uncontrollable – meaning that you allow yourself to give up control.   You can see how you may already be allowing your desires to have full control of your being – so why not allow them to help you to manifest your dreams! When you give up control you open up your energetic flow to all types of possibilities and in so doing you align your desire with the creative forces of your higher self – coupled with the assistance of your angels – and it is there where magic happens!

You are all used to the process of syncing already.  You sync your electronic devices to other devices – you sync your schedules – and you create applications to allow you to more easily have access to all of the information that you desire.  In so doing you often agree to terms and conditions that give up control of much of your device so that the application is able to deliver what you want – while at the same time learning what you additionally like.  But the thought that you can use this same process of applying this surrendering of control, to bring things that you want to you in your complete life, is so hard for you understand and believe.  That is because, since you were little, you have been taught to be in control – and only to give it up to certain people.  You were taught to control your childlike behavior; control the volume of your voice; control your emotions; control your opinions; and most of all to give up control of your freedom only to those who were directly tied into your well-being, survival and happiness. That is why it is so easy to sign away your privacy rights in exchange for an app that allows you to create something as simple as funny faces! You are used to giving away control to others in some ways – but in other’s you are still trying to hold on to the illusion that if you are not in control you will get into some form of trouble.  This combination of two forms of differing thought creates energy that is not in “sync” with bringing you the things that you most desire.  On a physical, mental and soul level you need to be able to do the same thing that you do when you desire to download an application that will make your life easier or bring you joy! You need to allow the energies that are trying to help you to have access to your energy, and that will assist them in helping create joyful experiences that you desire now and in the future.  That means that you need to allow yourself to give up control of all of your outcomes and to become energetically vulnerable.  There is common misunderstanding about that word.  To be vulnerable is not about being weak – or allowing you to be easily hurt.  To be vulnerable is to be open to the energy of love – in all of its forms.  It is as though you found an app on your phone that said “Happiness – and how to get there” and in order to download it you had to give the app access to your heart and mind so that it could do what it needed to bring you its best services.  Your higher self cannot help you, your ancestors cannot help you and your angels cannot help you when you are holding on to the “controller.”   We cannot sync up our energies with yours when we are not granted the permission to upload the programs you no longer need and to download the ones that you do.

In the recovery movement there is an incredibly powerful phrase that gives up the controller and allows synchronicity to flow.  It is quite simply, “Let Go and Let God!”  You can paraphrase that phrase in any way that you might like. You could say, “Let go and let my higher self be free to help” or “let go and let my angels be free to help.” We say this because sometimes there are those who are not sure of what they believe and the Creator does not have a preference of who you ask to help in the process – only that you do ask – and let go so that the energies of your connected divinity can sync up.  I would also suggest that you would Afform “Why is it so easy for me to let go and be vulnerable to all love has to bring to me!”

If you think that perhaps this concept is a bit farfetched, then look no further then the fact that you are reading this because someone who followed this same concept, defied all customary odds, in order to help me to bring this message to the world. And today to have it reach your eyes – so that it can sync up with you!

All my love,


What’s Love Got to do With It? – Everything!

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

How do you show others that you love them? Sometimes professions of Love come within the words of beautifully ornate greeting cards. Or perhaps they might be expressed through the gift of beautiful flowers, or maybe chocolates that are presented within beautiful heart shaped boxes. Perhaps your profession is in the form of doing something for another that will allow them to clearly feel that they are important to you! What is interesting is that all of these methods of expressing love have their roots in the actual exchange of energy that occurs from the soul of one individual towards the soul of another!

Love is the center of all that is! In your true form, that of a soul, you are a being of pure love. That energy of love desires nothing more than to expand that love toward others. It will automatically stimulate that same response in the soul you love – even if in their human form they do not feel that love. But as you love them, you are expanding love in your direction as well.  As a soul this is very easy because love is the essence of your being. But as a human being, you have come into an incarnation that seeks to expand its energy through experiences – and as such, some of them will come from a place of love and others will not.

You seek to find things that vibrate in a similar manner to the energy of love.  There are actually instruments now that measure vibrational frequency.  They will show when something is vibrating at a high, alkaline, healthy, or loving frequency – or when it is at a low, acidic, un-healthy or non-loved frequency.  Before one discounts this theory as being a bit woo-hoo for your beliefs, I would point out that one of the most trusted and accurate medical testing devices – the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) – does exactly that by pointing out parts of the body that are resonating, or vibrating at a magnetic frequency that is different from healthy tissue and cells – and they secure the measurement of the vibration of healthy tissue and cells before-hand so that they can utilize that benchmark!

So how then do these outside images of love actually make you feel loved energetically? Let’s begin with flowers. Flowers have a vibration that is very high and roses, in particular, have one of the highest vibrations of any life form on the planet.  That is why the touch of the rose petal or the smell of the flower will actually lead you to raise your vibration to a greater state of well-being.  Chocolates can do the same thing.  The compound chemicals in chocolate actually cause the release of the same hormones that you release when you feel the emotion of love. This is why eating chocolate also causes a feeling of well-being, why it has become so very popular and why it can even become a bit addictive.  So we can see how two of these symbols of love are actually stimulating the release of physical well-being, but what of the pretty card.

I have often spoken about how very much I love language, as words also carry with them a very specific vibration and frequency.  Love is one of those words – and it is not only the most powerful energy in all of creation – love is the most powerful word!  It does not matter what language you say it in – love is such a clear cellular vibrational energy that its name is understood at the core of your physical being as the essence of who you are!  So when you tell someone you love them, and are really expressing a true emotion in that regard – or they say the same to you – you are actually tapping directly into the purest energy of your soul.  When you say the word Namaste you are essentially saying “I bow to the God-ness within you” or “I honor the oneness of our beings.”  But when you say and feel the word LOVE, you are saying “I honor and feel the essence of our souls and how they connect!”  The greeting card that delivers this message, either in a way of expressing appreciation that you might not have the communicative ability to say – or in a humorous way that creates not only love, but lightness of being as well – is a tool that further solidifies the power of that word in a more physical written form.

But make no mistake, the most powerful way of transmuting the energy of love – is in the expression of acts of love and kindness. Your words, however sincere and powerful as they might be, are but a small part of the energy that is created by actions that speak to your love for another.  And all actions of love – no matter how small you think they might be – are extremely powerful!  Love is like the interest that is paid on the money you keep in the bank.  The energy of love creates more of itself, so it is therefore compounded just simply by being deposited into someone else’s energetic account! But what is the most interesting thing about this deposit, is that YOU are the one who receives the benefit of the growth of that love, and it is ALWAYS directed back to you in some form. Sometimes that might be confusing because when you give love the assumption, or the hope, is that you are going to get love back from that person with whom you made the deposit.  But that love is actually being deposited into a much larger account and will invariably come back to you multiplied – but you have to open to being able to realize that it has come back to you.

This is where gratitude comes in – because the easiest way to feel and see the love that has come to you is to begin to keep track of those things for which you are grateful. Remember that when you are creating energy by an act of your love – you are getting back an act of love in return, and acts of love take many, many different forms.  Gerry once experienced a morning where he was running late for work and then got held up in traffic, due to another person’s car breaking down up ahead.  He was worried because he had a very important meeting that morning and if he missed his connecting bus he would be late for the meeting.  When he got to the bus stop it was past the time for the bus to leave, but there was still a long line of people waiting. His bus came moments later and fortunately was held up in the same traffic as Gerry – only a bit further back.  He was on time for what turned out to be a very successful business meeting and realized that the poor person who had a broken down car that morning actually had offered him a great act of personal sacrifice and love – and he was grateful. Love comes to you in many, many ways.

So I would urge you to continue to express love in the many wonderful ways that you have developed. Give cards, candy, flowers, dinners, movies, dancing, and date nights and as many other possible gifts and ways that you can think of to spread love’s energy.  Do acts of kindness for others you know, you do not know and for yourself! Feel love in the depth of your heart and don’t be afraid to say the word out loud for the world to hear!  When doing acts of love and kindness, do so without the desire for return from that person, but knowing that love always finds its origin!  And most of all – know that from a host of angels, a loving a grateful Creator, and from billions of higher selves that you interact with all the time – YOU ARE LOVED!

Go in Peace, Love , Joy, and Expansion


2017 – The Year of Expansion

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

We are about to enter a new period of the measurement of time that you on earth refer to as the year 2017 AD.  Many are very concerned about this period and there are many out there who are espousing theories of doom and gloom and global catastrophe, which rival both the fears of the transition to the year Y2K and the end of the world concerns that surrounded the Mayan calendar and the year 2012.  It was at that latter time that I asked Gerry to first bring my messages to the world – so that I might speak two words to you and I speak to you again as we enter 2017 – FEAR NOT!

Just as in 2012, I urge you not to fear, because it is fear that draws more of its own energy to you and that which you dwell upon for prolonged periods of time does become your reality.  But if that energy of fear is shared by tens of thousands of people throughout the world – then the ability to manifest more of it becomes so much greater!  President Franklin Roosevelt, during the largest world war and one of worst financial periods the world has ever seen, said it best when he uttered “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself!”  Truer words were never spoken – for it is the energy of fear that causes mankind to implode its own energy – rather than expanding upon the energy of love – and that, dear ones, is what my message for 2017 is all about. Choosing love over fear, taking back your soul power and expanding your personal and planetary energy!  I ask you all to see 2017 as the “Year of Expansion!”

It is a year to expand the energy of your soul and that means to consciously choose to make every effort to respond to every event in your life with love, compassion and understanding. In other words, come from the place of your soul.  As amazing as it may seem, it is just as easy to respond to life from the place of love and expansion as it is to respond from the place of fear and contraction. The only reason you choose fear is because it feels “safe.”  Fear allows you to re-act rather than respond.  It causes you to act in a way that is similar to something you have done in the past in which you protected yourself from hurt or disappointment. Most times this leads you to either take an action that is similar to other people – so that you do not take the chance of making an “unpopular” decision – or you take no action at all, thus keeping you “out of the spotlight” so to speak.

But the re-markable thing is that you have just as often made decisions to expand your energy that have resulted in not only being safe – but being joy-filled as well!  Think about a time when you decided to try a new food that you now love today. The first time you tried it you were afraid – but then you had the courage to just try one little bite, and suddenly you were hooked!  Once you knew that you loved it then you had to share it with others, just as new music you love, or movies, or TV shows, or art, or books and even people whom you have met.  Once you identify something you love, the soul wants to help you to shout it out to the world!  You want to share it with everyone – unless you then revert to a place of fear and think that perhaps if you share it there won’t be enough for you.  This is the fear of lack and dear ones; this is the pervasive fear that is fueling the planet right now.  You all fear that someone or something is going to take away that which you have from you – or somehow make your life worse in the future.  Recent political campaigns focused on who could create the greatest level of fear and interestingly enough – although many may be disappointed by the results of the elections in many countries – what has been the prevailing thought is that people wanted change from the status quo (expansion) – and yet at the same time they voted for the policies and people who said that they would protect what was theirs and keep others from coming in and taking it (fear and contraction).

In truth dear ones the only way to keep others from “taking” what is yours is to freely share it.  For there is no lack – there is only more and if you focus on creating more in all that you do then there is no need to fear that others will take that from you.  If you look at your life today and think back to what it was just ten years ago, you will see that it is filled with so much technology and wonder and amazement then you ever could have imagined at that time. Your souls are constantly bringing you to expansion, but you just don’t see it because as soon as you have something then your brain fears losing it. FEAR NOT!! There is more where that came from.

There is no end to your creativity – no end to your potential – no end to the love that is the essence of your being.  You only need to think EXPANSION.  See yourself as a balloon. Would you prefer to see yourself as a balloon that constantly lets the air out of itself so that it is the same as smaller balloons (well who does that balloon think she is that she is all filled up with herself) or would you seek to expand yourself to be as large as possible – making it easier for you to float and climb and bounce around with joy?  But now I can hear many of you saying, “But Margaret what if I blow myself up too big and I pop!”  Dear ones, the balloon that is your soul is an ever expanding balloon that never pops – it just grows larger and the beautiful part is that when you share the breath of your expansion with others – to help them to grow – you never lose any of your growth – you just get bigger!

You can start this growth, this amazing expansion for 2017, by taking a few moments to reflect back on 2016 and to ask yourself what things you are grateful for in this past year.  I have heard so many of you say that you can’t wait for this year to be over. You have lost many icons – which means only that those who have expanded your lives have now expanded beyond their bodies and back to their soul state.  You have had tough financial or personal times, or you fear the direction that the leaders of the world are going.  Perhaps you have had health challenges.  Whatever your challenges or disappointments have been in this past year there have also been things that have been wonderful.  If you can’t think of things to be thankful for, it only means that your brain is locked in lack. So ask yourself, “why is it so easy for me to remember things from these past years that make me grateful?”  Then just think back month by month to some of the things that happened that month.  If you do so you will find that for all of your challenges and doubts there were positive things that happened as well. Keep repeating this, for those memories are stored.  Think of the music, movies, TV shows, you-tube videos, food, people and animals who made you happy this past year and give thanks for those things – because if you want to expand your energy you want to start from a place of gratitude – for gratitude helps you to recognize love and joy and then you can expand upon that!  You do not desire to expand upon that which you fear! Your desire is to expand on that for which you are grateful!  And if your response is to think that you had nothing to be grateful for in 2016, then that dear one is the energy you are drawing to you for 2017 and I ask you please open your heart and mind to the joy – because I guarantee you that it is there! Call upon your angels to help you – or even feel free to call upon me and I will help you to find your joy from this past year so you can bring it forward and expand that joy into the New Year!!!

This year has the potential to be the most amazing year ever – in the history of this planet – and all of you hold within you a part of making that happen.  Choose joy – choose love – choose compassion – choose understanding – CHOOSE EXPANSION! Choose to start your day by saying “Why is it so easy for this to be my most expansive day ever! Why is it so easy for today to be the most wonderful day of my life?”

Go in Peace, Love, Gratitude and Expansion,


Margaret’s Message for the New Year (2016)

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

This is such an exciting time on your planet, as this is the one time of year where there is worldwide solidarity in a singular belief.  The belief that there is a demarcation of time that is bringing you from one calendar year into another.  I have often spoken on the truth that time is a very fluid and illusory thing – and that, in fact, all things are actually occurring at the same time – just at different points in the time/space continuum.  But what makes this so exciting, right at this point, is that all of humankind joins together in this acceptance that the New Year is real.  Yes, it is true that there are various religions, or cultures that may recognize the start of their New Year on a different date – but the common, lay belief, is that January 1st starts the New Year.

It is an illusion that has become so accepted that you all not only relate to it as a truth – but you even look to it in celebration – and with a wonderful anticipation of the potential for hope and joy in this new year that is coming.

This is why I do love the celebration of the New Year and why I feel that it is one of the most positive illusions that humankind has ever created!  You have fashioned the universal opportunity to start over; the chance to reflect upon a period of this incarnation and to actually tap into the soul truth that you have the capacity to actually wish for and to believe, that you can create a new future for yourself – and you use the New Year as the focal point to allow you to start anew with hope.

So in this regard then, January becomes one of the most powerful manifestation times of the year! For not only are you thinking about bringing in wonderful new things into your own life – but there are literally billions of you who are doing this at the same time. There is no other time of year where the planet is so focused on self improvement, health, organization, emotional restructuring and so much more!  And yet, each year when you do this, you do these things with the feeling that you are so very alone in the things that you desire to create.  In fact, you actually have the ability to tap into the creative energy around you from all the others who are sending out the “like energy” of your collective dreams and hopes for the purpose of attracting new realities.  In other words, for example, if your desire is to lose weight, then you can tap into the energy of all the other people seeking to lose weight and actually boost the power of your manifestation!  Over the course of the next month I will asking Gerry to post my suggestions as to how you can make this January a very different experience then you have encountered in the past. We will speak about the power of intention; the reason why you do not want to use the term resolution when you are speaking about your intentions (intention is a much better word to use); and how you can bolster the power of collective intention to help you to draw new realities into your life with significant speed.  Look to the facebook page for these posts and feel free to ask your questions about these things as well on that facebook page.

You may not understand why the power of collective manifestation is so important yet, but if you want an example, just think about the very celebration of the New Year. It would never be taking place if it were not for groups of people who created a calendar and convinced others to “follow” it so there could be better coordination among peoples.  Now if all of those individuals, yourself included,  could come to the agreement that a certain day would be considered the first day of a brand new year – imagine then how the same people could come, one day, to the decision that all of mankind should share a commonality in their being the same and equal creation.  That realization, and acceptance by mankind to that concept would put an end to war, it would put an end to poverty, it would put an end to crime and you would all realize that just as you celebrate the New Year’s Day as a time for hope and faith in the future – that you would celebrate every day for the new opportunities for all of you to be the true expression of your soul in human form.  And we of the angelic realm would sing praises to you in celebration of “Happy New You!”

Let us begin this journey together – your angels do desire to help you in your intentions and there is much more to come!

Go in Peace,


Margaret’s Message for December 2015

Hello dear ones and welcome!

It is so exciting to be here in the month of December, because this month, more than any other month of the year, is so filled with worldwide celebration, love, the sharing of gifts, the preparation to close out the current year and celebrate a new one – and of course it is the time of year where angels are depicted more often than ever and as a result you feel our presence more than ever!

It can also be a difficult time causing over indulgence, loneliness, financial discord and other difficulties of the human experience.  And I have come here today to suggest a gift that you might be able to give to others that may help with estrangement – will bring the world closer together – and will increase the vibration of love by manifesting your past joys into this current moment!

Many of you during this time of year create lists of those things that you wish to accomplish.  There are shopping lists for the ones that you love, lists of those people whom who desire to reach out to with holiday greeting cards or e-mails and still more lists of tasks to do and financial expenditures.  While I hate to add to your already very busy month I would like to suggest that you intersperse into this list one more list.  Your year end “sharing past joy” list.  It is something that is so easy to do but reaps such an amazing energetic return.

All that you do is to look at the people on your various lists and think back in time to a joyful memory that you have with that person. Something that makes you smile and you know would make them smile as well. And then, rather then sending a card that says “Happy Holidays” send one that says, “I was just thinking about you and remembered the time we……..and then share that experience. You can, of course finish that story with wonderful words like – “I love you” or “I miss you” and then close with “I can’t wait to make more wonderful memories with you!”  If you have a picture of the time you are thinking of you can even send that along.  Now the beauty of this is that you can do it via card, or e-mail or even something so quick and easy as a Facebook post or message or a twitter post – or the share of a photo with your memory in the caption!

The beauty of sharing old happy memories is that it quite literally calls up feelings of the joy that you currently hold in your cellular memory INTO THE CURRENT MOMENT in time – so you feel that joy as though it is happening right now – because it is. And because like energy attracts like energy,  then you call to you more joyful energy!

But in the process you also share that energy with the person to whom you have sent this loving memory and message – and in the case of a Facebook post, this may even be noticed by others who will comment on and expand that joy and perhaps get the same idea to do this with others.  Joyful loving memories are very powerful as they have the capacity to a create joyful, loving NOW and people love to remember happier times for that very reason. Joy is not confined by space and time. When you remember and feel the emotion of a a joyful past experience – you bring it into your present reality.  Your past joyful memories  – create your current joyful feelings – which manifest more joyful future experiences.

So end your year my friends and dear ones by sharing your joyful loving memories of all those who touch your lives – with those who have done so – and in so doing you will truly be spreading “Joy To The World!”

Go in Peace and Love,


Margaret’s Message for September and a Special Message from Wayne Dyer

This month Margaret’s September 1, 2015 message, on Hay House Radio ( included a special tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer – who passed away just days earlier. The tribute however took a wonderful turn when Margaret brought through Wayne to share his own message.

Margaret speaks first:

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

Usually, on this first radio show of the month I speak about the new month and how to best navigate the energies of that month and how to better understand how you can be at your most powerful during the upcoming month. And I do intend to do the same today – but I seek to do so with the help of someone that you all know and love.  You are all very aware that the physical form of the incarnation known as Wayne Dyer left that form to re-connect with his higher self this past weekend.

So many of you have shared such wonderful stories – on Facebook pages, on other Hay House radio programs and in your communications with friends and family.  Many of you who have been hearing me speak for some time are aware that there are those among you that I have referred to as prophets – for prophecy is not just about for-telling the future.  Prophecy is about tapping into the deeper knowing of what is the truth of the Universe  – what is the truth of this physical incarnation – and what is the truth of the future – not in predicting what WILL happen – but rather in predicting what CAN happen as the result of your understanding that you are the co-creators of all that exists.

Wayne Dyer was a prophet!  Often when he is explaining soul retrieval Gerry will expand upon the reason why our higher self decides to come into physical incarnations.  He will explain that you choose the family that you are going to be born into – and in so doing – the socio economic situations – the pre-disposed health situations and the environment that will determine if you are going to have support in your spiritual (soul) growth or if you are going to have to go it alone.  Very often, those incarnations in which you seem forced to “go it alone” are among the most powerful incarnations for expanding the soul.

Such was the case of this lifetime for Wayne.  Wayne certainly had his share of struggles and many times felt very lost and very alone.  But as time went on he began to “remember” bits and pieces of what it was to be a soul that was a part of a human existence – and he began to teach it in his classes.  Often when I speak to all of you in readings and on the radio program – I speak to you of how easy it actually is to live a happy life – and for many of you who hear this you think – well if it was that easy then why don’t we all have happy lives. And I would answer this by stating one short four letter word that Wayne was never afraid to speak. RISK!  In order to create the momentum of a belief becoming a reality there has to be the allowance of risk.  Let me explain. I often hear many of you talk about how different your life would be if you won the lottery – and I love to hear that because it means that you are clearly capable of imagining a very different and joyful life for yourself.   But if you never take the risk of actually buying a lottery ticket – then there is no way that your thoughts will become reality because you have tied them to that ticket and you are not allowing the ticket to be part of the picture.

Wayne realized this.  As he often spoke of – he traveled and appeared at book stores and sold books from his car. He took a huge risk in spending his own money to appear on Public Television during fund drives.  Those appearances took his messages to places that he could only imagine.  And through it all – as he grew in popularity and wealth – he continued to teach the same concepts that prophets before him have spoken through the ages. One that again comes down to another four letter word. LOVE!

He wore it on his shirt and on his heart and on his sleeve and Wayne Dyer truly believed that – as the prophet John Lennon said – Love is all you need.

We are entering the month of September and for many of you that means that you are moving away from the vacation mode of summertime and moving into the mindset of a new season. For many of you, someone in your circle is about to begin a new time period of schooling and each time period of schooling has one thing in common. It prepares you to learn the skills for the next period of learning.  This is very much what happens to you as a soul – and certainly that which happened to Wayne.

I would like at this time to allow Wayne to speak through me:

Wayne Speaks: Hello everyone! Thank you all so very much for the amazing outpouring of kindness that has been flowing since I transitioned.  Actually, I would prefer to use the phrase – when I became whole again.  That point when I reconnected with the source of my energy and in turn the source of all energy. 

Where do I start!

It feels a little odd speaking without my papers around me – I had become very secure with that.  I want to thank Margaret for allowing me to speak with you. I had said I was going to retire and stop writing books and we all know how well that went!  I am guessing that perhaps I’m not really done speaking either – although this does come as somewhat of a surprise.    To my family – I know this was so sudden but in so many ways I am so very grateful that it was this way.  I always thought there was no better way to cross over then in your sleep and you know I was anxious to “power up” again – so while I know you are sad – as I would be if I had lost one of you first – please know that I am now – quite literally able to be everywhere and I love it!!!  And I know that I have left you with more than enough funny stories of me to last an entire other lifetime!

To my many friends – there are so many of you that I’m hesitant to speak out to just one – I don’t want anyone to feel that my love for them is not as deep or my memories of you less profound. Just know that I will find a way to speak to all of you and here at Hay House there is an amazing collection of wonderful mediums that are going to help me to do just that.  So I am afraid to tell you that you haven’t heard the last from me!

And to all of you wonderful, wonderful people that are a part of this Hay House radio audience and the audiences at events and those who read my books and listen to my recordings – I am so grateful to you for allowing me to spread my message.

Last night (in your time) Margaret and I were speaking and I was trying to explain this gratitude that I felt and she asked me to wait and inspired Gerry to turn on the radio. On the air at the time was a film director who recently made a film from the personal tapes of the great actor Marlon Brando.  In one of them he was speaking to people saying that his role in “On the Waterfront” and his speech about “that he could have been a contender” was considered perhaps his greatest role and lines.  His response was that the only reason people saw that role as great and those lines as great was because they were that role and they were those lines – so he felt that he merely acted in a role that people felt in their hearts.

That is what you did for me. You gave me the chance to speak from my heart and your hearts felt what I was saying and then you applauded me for speaking what was in your hearts.  But you should be applauding yourselves because if you didn’t get it – no one would ever have heard of me.  It was your hearts that made me famous and your hearts that allowed me to feel so loved and so grateful for this amazing incarnation.

So know that I will continue to speak to those hearts and I am so grateful to have this chance to speak to you again – and not for the last time.  My thoughts live on through you and through my family and through anyone who believes that you get what you think.  Let me give this back to Margaret – but thank you all so very – very much!

Margaret Speaks: There is not much more to say then this. Live, learn, love!

Margaret’s Message for the Month of March 2015

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

Each month I come to you to bring a message that will hopefully inspire you to see the days ahead as being filled with hope and desire and joy.  March is such an interesting month for that for even it its name it implies movement.  To march is to move forward – in unison with others, for a common purpose or cause – either in protest, celebration or remembrance.

So it is so fitting that for so many of you throughout the world March is also ushering in a new season – for some of you Spring and for some of you Fall.  Gerry lives on the East Coast of the United States and March brings with it the springtime – a season filled with warmer temperatures – blossoming flowers and abundant sunshine that lasts later into the evening.   Spring is such a perfect word for this season since flowers seem to spring from their buds and leaves seem to spring onto the trees and the general effect on those who live in these environs is a feeling of hope and well-being.  Hope because you are emerging from the long winter – which keeps you inside and separated from nature and well-being -because the spring literally lifts your energy to a higher vibration.  This is because you are able to spend more time outdoors – thus taking in more of the clean/fresh energy outside – rather than re-cycling the stagnant energy in your home or place of work – or even your vehicle.  You do literally spring forward and the visible proof of rebirth, that you can see throughout nature, calls upon you to unconsciously remember that you can rebirth and re-invent yourself just as every other part of nature does!

And that is the essence of the message I bring to you today.  Spring is not just about the weather. It offers you testimonial proof that if all of nature can come back from the depths and death of winter – so can you.  Your thoughts are like seeds and what you are planting now is what will soon take root and grow!

So if we use the example of nature as the proof that there is a natural order to creation then let us recognize then that if you are a part of that natural order – then it would seem logical to think that if you follow the lead of nature, then perhaps you can call forth the same energy and also blossom and grow.

So let us follow then the following suggestions that you may use to “spring forward.”

1)      Assume that it is a part of your natural being to blossom and grow!  When the winter comes and flowers and plants go inside to prepare to re-create they do not ponder upon the possibility that they can fail at becoming a flower again. They just do it because they accept it as being their nature.  But humans – when they transition from one season of growth to the other – do not see the transition as being a natural opportunity to rest, renew and prepare for re-birth! Because of the hectic nature of the lives you have created you move quickly from one thing to the other – be it your jobs – or relationships, and in so doing you rarely give yourselves the time to experience a quiet time.  If you don’t have the time to block out a full season for rest and rejuvenation then take some time each day to do so.  Do you know that if you meditate for only 15 minutes per day that you will spend almost 6,000 minutes a year in peaceful reflection?  And that short period of peaceful reflection done every day is like the time a flower spends in rest before it blossoms. So you give yourselves the chance to hibernate and blossom every single day!

2)      Prepare the soil for best results.  If you are going to plant flowers it sometimes helps to make the soil as fertile as possible so that growth is almost guaranteed.  How you speak to yourself is the fertilizer of your personal thoughts.  You may have wonderful plans of how you would like to change your life and what you would like to create – but if you keep saying daily statements like, “what if I fail” or “Why can’t I do this” or many of the thousands of other forms of questions that form the soil around what you are trying to create – then those seeds are doomed to never take root or to grow in a stunted manner. Remember to ask yourself “why is it so easy” for you to succeed in (and then fill in the blank.)

3)      Add light! Here is where we can help you! Angles so desire to help you with the joy that you are seeking to bring to your life and the easiest way to be joyful is to ask us to help you in identifying the things that can make you joyful.  And please don’t feel guilty for feeling joy!  So many of you that are compassionate thinkers will see all the sadness in the world and feel that it is selfish to desire to be personally joyful.  But dear ones this could not be further from the truth – because the more you experience joy the more you raise your vibration and the more you raise your vibration then the more you raise the vibration of those around you  – and the more there vibration is raised then the more the planetary vibration is raised.  It is a domino effect.

Joy begets more joy.  But if your light is under a bushel – then how will it shine and help others to grow?  Let your light shine!


Enjoy everyday dear ones – regardless of the season – for every day there is an opportunity for you to create spring within you and to march forward on your own.  For then you do this you will notice that soon others will be marching along with you in your own little parade of joy!

Go in Peace,


Hay House Radio Message to Listeners about “Near Death Experiences” 3.19.13

(This message was offered to listeners of the weekly Hay House Radio Show “Messages from Margaret.” To hear this and other programs please visit)

Hello Dear One’s and Welcome,

The reason that I asked Gerry to read this excerpt from “Messages from Margaret” – (the chapter about the Soul and Higher Self) – is that I wanted to begin the discussion of the soul – your soul – as an eternal energy.  As an eternal energy that has existed since your creation and will never die in the future. You are a piece of the eternal energy of the Creator and in the form of your soul you have complete knowledge on an esoteric level – but as a human life form and in other life forms you garner knowledge on an experiential level.

You already can somewhat understand the difference between the two from your human existence. Have you not had the experience of thinking that you do not like someone, or something,  because those around you had influenced you into that thought…and then you tried that thing that they disliked, or got to know the person that they disliked and found, through the experience, that that your ability to like things had been increased.  That is why you take on a physical form. To discover all of the natural stimuli that your senses can experience and to grow in love and appreciation for all living things. Even those things that you do not enjoy evoke an emotion that is part of the physical and human experience.

So when you leave this container known as a body, you become instantly reacquainted with all of the memory that you have stored outside of the container and this is what is often termed as the “life review.”  You then (in what you might feel to be an instant) experience both the joy that you have brought to other lives and the pain that you have caused – along with the memory of the occurrence – and this comes to you not as a punishment, but as a review for you to bring back as you are reacquainted with the spiritual realm and you re-connect with your higher-self or your “whole spirit.”

There are many perceptions of this experience that I know many of you out there have experienced,  or have been told stories by those who have. There are those souls who may have encountered an experience they did not anticipate that caused their untimely transition and still others whose transition was altered by others that willed them back to life through medical means…and sometimes even through overwhelming grief or prayer. None of these physical reactions to death is wrong by the way…it merely refines and re-directs the original plan of the soul.  Again I say to you that there is not on the spiritual plane the same concept of “right and wrong” that you have on the physical plane.

Today I hope to answer some of your questions about what happens when you cross over, why time and space and separation are just illusions and why we regard you’re souls as the greatest creations in the universe.

I look forward to speaking with you.



Hay House Radio Message to Listeners “About the Concept of LUCK” 3.12.13

(This message was delivered to listeners of the Hay House “Messages from Margaret” radio program on 3/12/13. The program airs every Tuesday from 6-7PM EST and 3-4PM PST. For more information about the show visit this link):

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

Today I asked Gerry to speak on the topic of Luck, for I believe it to be one of the most misunderstood concepts among the human realm.

There are things that do happen by random chance and they happen to all humans because of the variety of energy that they come in contact with- and normally those things are designed to happen in that manner. For example, national lotteries will offer millions of ticket holders the chance to win a portion of a large jackpot of money. The game is statistically designed to create the most random of variables – so is it really luck in this sense that causes one to win – or is it the thought form of the winner? Both could be the correct answer. A soul could choose to experience the tremendous shift of going from lack to abundance – as many do – but there are so many things in your life that touch upon your ability to attract abundance in all its forms…be it love, money, a fulfilling vocation and even more!

For many of you, abundance is something that you have struggled with and feel that you may have worked very hard to attract and I speak to you today to say…please RELAX! Life was not meant to be so much of a struggle and sometimes you can be working so hard that you actually prevent the energy from coming your way!

Have you ever tried to loosen a screw or take the lid off of a jar and it seemed to get tighter and tighter until you realized that you were twisting it the wrong way?

Or have you ever struggled to open the lid of a jar and then handed it to someone – who you know has less strength then you, maybe even a child – and they twisted it off with ease?

They did not have the concept of struggle re-enforced in their thinking each time the lid didn’t come loose (which your mind translates to failure and struggle). They went in expecting it to open with ease!

This is the same concept that you will notice will happen in your thinking about abundance. The truth is that sometimes the harder you work at loosening the jar of abundance – the tighter you make it!

You have become so accustomed to phrases like “no one told you that life was going to be easy,” that you have come to believe it – and I  tell you dear ones – in every incarnation you face situations, and have the opportunity to experience them in an easy or a challenging way. Neither way is right or wrong – and each carries back to your soul valuable information for growth. But if you have already spent a major portion of your life in struggle – then perhaps a little bit of “easy” would not be such a bad thing!

Today Gerry will offer some tools to bring more ease to your life and I will answer some questions to help you to break the cycles of struggle.

Please allow us to help you to create a new life!

Go in peace,

Love, Margaret

Hay House Radio Message to Listeners 3.5.13

(This message was delivered to the listeners of the first “Messages from Margaret” Hay House Radio Program. The program airs every Tuesday from 3-4PM (PST) and 6-7 PM (EST). You can find it here):

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

I offer great thanks to all of you who have come to hear this program today and I offer the same message to you that I offered to those who came to read the book “Messages from Margaret.” By reading the book or by listening to these words you have made a conscious decision to take an active part in the re-creation of your life and as a direct result you have begun the energetic process of that change. There is a concept called the butterfly effect that scientists have developed that basically states that even the slightest change of energy in one part of the planet could cause a massive ripple effect on the rest of the planet…and this is a theory that is very true. Every one of you who move into the realization that life is not a random manner of occurrences, of which you have no control – but rather it is a creative collaboration of you and your fellow beings on this planet – you come to understand that every action you take, and every thought you have is creating your reality.

Many of you out there may find this a daunting concept that seems too difficult to live up to, or you may have heard the theory before but rejected it because you would never have consciously created the life you are in now- the illness you are suffering – the relationship pain you are feeling – the grief you have encountered.

But I come today dear ones to tell you please fear not…for you have been creating this reality all by yourselves because you believed you were alone and we have been here on the sidelines waiting to be asked to help. That is why I came to speak to Gerry and why I asked him to take my messages to others – to create the workshop so others could speak with their angels – to write the book so that these messages could be carried throughout the world – and to bring this message to all forms of media, like this radio show, so that you could feel the vibration of its ripple and you could take it into your heart and soul and you would learn that you can turn to your angels to help you to create the life you came here to create…which is a life filled with love, service and the knowledge that you all are one and we are all connected.

The ripple has begun and the world changes every day as the ripple moves forward…sometimes in waves of resistance, the same as a flowing stream is re-routed by rocks and then as gently flowing river and finally as a powerful ocean. All begins with a single drop of water. You are that drop of water – and you are that power ocean – one and the same. Your journey to become that power has begun.

Go in peace,



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