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Why Do Things Seem So Crazy

Hello dear ones and welcome. I know that as many of you read the newspapers, or listen to the news on the radio or the TV, you might be noticing that there is a sort of see-saw effect that is taking place in the world at this time. Some months ago, the Arab Spring, and other revolutions, ushered in what was hoped to be a new time of free thinking and economic growth and yet now it seems that the fighting has returned and many of the voices are calling for a return to more restrictive thinking. Your leaders cannot seem to come to agreement on anything…and while your worldwide financial situation seems to be improving, there are still millions, upon millions out of work and suffering.

You may look at these things and try to figure out “how did things get to this place.”  Even within your own relationships you may notice that one day you may feel so close to your loved ones – and they to you – and then the next day there is tension and problems that seem to come out of nowhere, or when they come from somewhere they are so much bigger then you think they should be.

I tell you dear ones that this is a very special energetic period and you are feeling what I could best describe as the waves of love and the undertow of fear. You may all be aware that when the ocean brings to the beach some of the biggest waves, it creates a relationship in the sands below it called undertow. The sand at the beach floor is actually being carried back out to sea by the swirling pressure of the wave that is hitting the beach…and being pulled back. When someone is in the water they can literally be pulled out into the ocean by these waves. This is actually a part of how most beings exist because all of you are very much made up of water – and water contains electrical impulses that assist in the magnetic process of carrying messages to the brain and then back again to the body. All of this happens in a nano-second, but the effect is similar at the personal level as it is on the worldwide level. The only difference is that when this process hits a certain tipping point of people then it becomes a movement – which is nothing more then a collective thought.

So much like a wave – a single person has a thought and shares it with another. That thought may come from the heart or the brain of the first person – and as it is shared it will come from the brain or the heart of others who share it. I say the brain or heart to differentiate between a cognitive thought and an emotional thought. Both are very powerful, but the emotional thought brings with it more energy and more magnetic pull that allows for faster manifestation. Here is where the see-saw effect takes place. A group of people begin to think in a similar manner that change is needed in their lives and as those people begin to become more emotional about this thought it gains power and momentum just like waves in the ocean. As they begin to manifest themselves into a “breaking” thought – a clear manifestation of action around the thought – just like a breaking wave, then the undertow of fear begins to begin to be created in those who do not agree with this frame of mind. And the energy of this undertow is then carried out to the collective thought (the ocean) where it begins to build power as the emotions of the first group begin to relax by their feelings of fulfillment of their thought and emotion. Now the second group moves their thought from fear – to voice – to power and then it “breaks” as a wave of energy or change and the undertow of the fear of the first group starts their movement back to sea.

The recent hurricane “Sandy” that hit the East Coast of the United States and the countries below it was an example, however, of what happens when thought becomes so powerful that it “breaks” in ways that immerse everything and everyone! These are the situations when one group becomes so strong that their “wave of change” destroys everything in sight and the undertow of fear is so strong that it becomes buried in the sands. This is what you see happen when one group “bullies” another group and makes them so powerless that they are unable to raise the energy to create a new “wave” of change.

So what then you might ask is the answer – and I tell you dear ones that there is only one – love! Love for all things, for all people, for our friends, for our families and for our perceived enemies as well. I say “perceived” because you all are one energy that comes from the same place and your perceptions of others are purely based on those things that you have been taught by those that you trusted to speak “truth.”

But in real truth, you all come here seeking the same things. You seek to be loved and cherished. You seek to laugh and explore the wonders of the world around you. You seek to be fed and nourished and cuddled and you seek to be led and taught by those that you can trust so that you can feel secure! Think about it – how different is what you seek today from those things that you sought when you were a baby. I tell you that those primal needs are always present and as you grow you place your trust in other teachers, and they often mislead because they have been misled. And when you are misled your first instinct is to hate the misleader and not to trust as easily again…and each time this occurs this mistrust grows until finally your heart is unable to trust.

So you begin to seek leaders, knowing that you don’t really trust any of them, but this one is the “lesser of two evils.”  Or you place your beliefs in books that are claimed to be the “truth and nothing but the truth” so you have something that will allow you to feel certainty…something that will allow you to keep your head above water so that your wave of belief will not get pulled into the undertow of doubt and fear.

The answer to this is so simple dear ones for there is a form of thought that does not bring the fierce wave of change or the fearful pull of the undertow. It is a thought that you might call prayer – or even some might call it meditation. It is a place of loving oneself – and sending thoughts of love to the rest of the world – in a truly heartfelt manner. Prayer of this kind – to whomever you might pray – or to the simple power of the meditation – does more to calm the craziness of the constant ebb and flow of the seas of change brought on by one sided waves of thought.

But I offer you this test and this guarantee – yes I did say guarantee. Pick a person that you have a conflict with and pray for them – truly from your heart! Ask for them to find peace and love and all of the wonderful things that they could ever imagine. Think about them surrounded in goodness and joy and I promise you that if you think this way and do this daily for one solid month – you will find huge changes in your relationship with that person – and they will notice great changes in their life. It is impossible for it not to happen for you are harnessing the power of love and calming the waters of self centered emotion while at the same time halting the undertow of fear.

Start this with one person…that is how everything starts anyway!

Go in peace and love,




Why “Good” Friday

Why Good Friday?

I asked Gerry to re-post this message, which was written a couple of years ago, but I believe still rings as true today as it did then. I wish all of you a very blessed Easter and Passover. Rebirth and Renewal is all around you! – Margaret

The other day, a colleague of Gerry’s made the comment that he didn’t understand why Good Friday was called that. It seemed odd that the day that commemorates the torture and eventual assassination of the central figure of much of modern day religion would be noted as “Good”. Historically this year falls very close to that of the time of Jesus as well, in that the Passover meal was celebrated so close to Good Friday.


Both of these religious observances are touching in that they remember the “good” that has been received by all of humankind as a result of the kindness of the creator.

Many of the world’s religions recognize themselves as the one “true” religion. The one that was established by the creator to signify that they are a special people and that in order for other people to be saved then they must conform to their beliefs.


I know that I run the risk of angering many of you but there is no “chosen people”. There is no “chosen” religion. Religion is basically the method for a group of people to collectively express their joint belief in how they perceive God and to come together for the purpose of giving thanks and praise to that being. Angels have been instrumental, throughout all cultures, in bringing a basic understanding of creation and the importance of all people to the creator…who is within all of them…so that all would understand this in a way that would be consistent with their culture.


What has evolved from this however was the belief that these angelic messages were being delivered to them alone. When the original apostles spread the word of Jesus they were supposed to be carrying forth the message that all of mankind was united in god and that all were included in the creator’s love. Jesus was specifically incarnated as a Jew for the purpose of showing the “chosen people” that others were equally loved in God’s eyes. This was and still is a very hard concept for any oppressed people to understand. But it is true, for the essence of the creator is in every particle of existence.


The kindness of the creator does not “Passover” anyone. But it is delivered more easily to those who can open their hearts to the essence of the divine love that surrounds them. The “good”, of “Good Friday” is that it remembers the selfless acts of man who spoke of only two commandments that were given as the basis for a perfect life…love the creator with your whole heart and soul…which means to love yourself and to recognize the creator in you and all things and to give thanks for the wonder of that miracle…just as you do when you sense the miracle of the birth of a new baby. And second to love others in the same way as you love yourself. If you follow the first commandment then the second comes very naturally…not easily…but the knowledge of the natural progression must occur.


Jesus, the man, believed so deeply in these concepts that he would rather have given his life then to practice hate or divisiveness. Gandhi did the same and countless others who have followed this example to spread peace rather then hatred.


This Passover/Easter season I would ask you to remember these words and to contemplate that the lesson of Passover was much broader then the story. At Passover we give thanks for the “there but for God go I” concept. We recognize that somewhere out there…no matter how hard our struggle…there is someone who is going through more and who is making sacrifices that we might not ever be asked to make…and which certainly make our problems small in comparison. We thank the creator for allowing those struggles to “Passover” our home and we give thanks for the “good” in all people who place love above their personal needs and who realize that we are all one…all connected to the source of all…and that one day…when the body gives way and releases the spirit…that this spirit will be re-connected to the source at every level. This is the meaning of the “resurrection” and the reason why, no matter what the struggle, the end result will be peace, love and joy.


Our best to all in your holiday celebrations,

Have fun and love one another,


All our love,


Together We Can Change the World

Hello my dear ones. Today is a very special day and I have a favor to ask of all of you who read these words. There is a power in numbers and there is mathematical system to the universe that does connect some numbers with energetic influences. Thought on certain numbers…when they are considered to be “lucky” numbers, like 7 and 11, can actually shift peoples thinking into a higher vibration, and as vibration is elevated…then too is elevated the probability that the person will encounter a pleasing experience, which is often then associated with the word “luck”.


Luck, or “good fortune”, is very much a state of mind. For example, a person who’s car breaks down…on a deserted stretch of road…may feel very grateful and “lucky” when a stranger stops to help them and offers a ride. Another person might feel afraid of the stranger who offers assistance and might turn away the help. “Luck” is, in this case, tied into trust, gratitude and belief in the good of people. I know that there is much written about, and much on television and the internet about the bad things that people do, but in truth, the media gives coverage to less then 10% of good deeds and good stories. That means that over 90% of what you are focusing on, on a daily basis, is dedicated to violence, theft, abuse, neglect and natural disaster.


By contrast, thousands, upon thousands of people perform good deeds that go unnoticed every day. People care for sick parents and children…thousands of people volunteer in human service agencies throughout the world and most get little to no recognition! The beauty of nature is everywhere, but nowhere is there ever the story of abundant crops, or off shore winds that created above anticipated windmill electricity…or inventors who are coming up with ways to save the environment…but who don’t have big financial backers.


I am hoping that you will help me to change this, and that, starting today, on 7/11/11, we will together begin a process of changing the “luck” of mankind.


August the 22nd has become known as National “Be an Angel” day and has been celebrated as such since the early 1990’s.  The day is set aside to recognize the “angel” in all of us and to promote that by performing “random acts of kindness”. That phrase was originated in response to the media constantly referring to the “random acts of violence” that are covered in the news everyday. We are at a very important period in the history of mankind, because, on a daily basis, there are far more people who are on the internet…on Facebook…on Twitter and on You Tube, than will ever be tuning in to a news program. Because of that, there is very strong power in this global interaction and a very strong capability for thousands…perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of individuals to begin to focus on “conscious acts of kindness” that they can share with world…and in so doing they can offer ideas for others to do the same.


So here is what I am asking if you could please do to help. Every major world movement has begun with the thought of a single person that becomes the seed. I need your thoughts. …Your thoughts about the little things that neighbors can do to help make life more pleasant for each other…Your thoughts about what you might personally be able to do to make the world a better place…your recognition of people who are making a positive difference in the world, by their work, their caring and their creativity.  I am asking for you to gather these thoughts and to please send them to me so that we may gather them together to create a new community of people who believe that everyone can be angel in their own personal way.  Please join me as a friend on the Messages from Margaret page:!/pages/Messages-From-Margaret/142826625780817.  Or you can click on the Facebook link from this site. From here forward we will be celebrating the very best about the human spirit and in so doing I will be offering guidance as to how you can make this energy the primary energy of the planet. Please “Be an Angel” and together we can change the world!

All my love and gratitude, Margaret


Hello dear ones…and welcome!

When people come to Gerry, for the purpose of reaching out to me for guidance or direction, I will generally begin the letter with this salutation. Recently Gerry asked me about this since it seemed to him that the use of the word welcome was somewhat redundant after the hello. I explained to him, as I will to you, that my purpose of using this phrase is two fold. First of all, I use it as a greeting…an opportunity to express to all of you that you truly are “dear ones” in the eyes of your angels. I say welcome because it is important for you to know that wellness comes from the very action of coming to us with the desire of learning a deeper truth. So, in essence, what I am saying in those five short words is: Hi my loved one, may wellness come to you as a result of this visit!  And in many cases that is exactly what happens, because those who reach out to me come with questions that, when answered, give you a sense of deeper meaning in your lives, simply because you are able to look at things from a bigger perspective.

Tomorrow many will celebrate the feast day of Easter. A time that has been both designed to remember the “arising” of a man who is believed to be the “Son of God” as well as the day where a rabbit comes to the homes of children all over the world and leaves behind eggs, candy and other such rewards. One recognizes the divinity of man and the other is a celebration of the rebirth of spring.  Both offer mankind a day to recognize the power of natural “renewal”.   The symbolism of this day has never been more important as it is now. We are entering a time where all of mankind will be experiencing a “rebirth” of sorts. A time where mankind will be experiencing a shift in their energy that will essentially be an “ascension” to a greater spiritual awareness…while still in the physical form.

Part of the work that Gerry is doing, is to teach others to have the ability to connect with their own angels and spiritual guides. He has been doing this for some time, but this site is the first step in expanding the audience to a worldwide group. So tonight…or today…if you are reading at daytime…you have become a part of an important occasion in your life and in the lives of many others.  I hope that you will be joining us as I ask Gerry to deliver to you my messages of hope and love and deep and profound respect for all of you! Hello my dear ones…and welcome!

Love, Margaret


The Mosque Controversy

There is currently, in New York City a powerful controversy that is taking place over whether a Muslim group should be able to build a Mosque…a Muslim house of worship…at a site that is very near to the ruins of the World Trade Center. The argument that has been posed is that it is an act of great insensitivity to allow a church…that is of a similar denomination to those people who planned and acted out the attack on the twin towers. It would be an insult and a veritable “slap in the face” to all of the survivors…is what is being said. Angry people are making this not only a personal issue, but a political issue as well and the ability of this landowner to build a church will likely be taken to the highest possible court.

It is interesting for us, of the angelic order, looking at this from a somewhat removed perspective…and by removed I mean away from the emotions of anger and pain on both sides. St. Paul’s Church stands almost directly across the street from the former towers and it miraculously enough was not damaged by the fall of the towers.

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Such a small word…stress! Only six letters and yet it is the most powerful active energy on the planet. We have used it to describe many things. Bridges are built to hold tremendous weights over large spans by the appropriate distribution of stress…and roofing trusses that hold up almost every roof that covers the world and generally designed from that same concept. Distribute the stress to several points so that it will not overcome a particular point of pressure. However, if the stress of a great weight…like the current snows that fell in the northeast…cause cracks in the structure…”stress fractures”… then it will actually compromise the design and cause the entire structure to collapse.

In the Bible,Koran and every other “Holy Book” you will note that almost every apparition of Angels begins with the words…”Fear Not”! This is not simply a statement to reduce anxiety about the appearance of celestial beings. It is the most crucial life advice that we can offer.

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Throughout the course of life there are things that will occur that are not consistent with the expectations that we have ascribed to a certain situation. Ultimately this leads to feelings of disappointment. This is an interesting word. Appointment, as we all know, means a certain time that is set forth to complete a certain task, meeting, activity or the like…and generally they involve other people. A disappointment, therefore, is the in-completion of that task, activity, meeting or the like by that appointed time.

Dis-appointment is often accompanied by regret. Regret is the re-playing of a certain dis-appointment in our lives that allows us to re-experience the pain of the dis-appointment over and over again. While this experience is certainly not one that feels good, humans will call upon it on a daily basis…as a way of confirming to themselves that had they made a different decision at a certain point in time, and then perhaps they would now be in a place where they would be happy.

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To Blog Or Not To Blog

That is the question that Gerry has been asking himself for some time now. Whether it is nobler to open oneself up to the slings and arrows of those who see “conversations” with angels as silly…if not potentially delusional. And then there is the fatigue. The option to actually take the one hour of solitude and quiet time that is given to Gerry on weekdays…as he commutes by train from his home to New York. Sleep occupies the morning and the need to additional work, or possibly read and unwind occupies the evening trip. So what would it be that would entice him to sit for another hour before his laptop to deliver messages to an audience that might not even be there anymore?


Beliefs…trust…heart driven logic. These are the things that drive mankind to act and to respond and to do…even when that which they are doing seems to be without reason or merit…or worse. Sometimes that faith is tested and sometimes, as humans, you are just too tired to act everyday in the manner that your deeper voice tells you is what you feel the call to do.

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It is often difficult to assist humans with achieving what they would like to view as their accomplishments. This is because there are so many differing emotional levels that underline how humans see the things that they do. For example, Gerry works in the newspaper industry and if one of his sales people accomplishes wonderful things then they are happy to be recognized for that and yet unhappy to have their accomplishments paraded before those who did not accomplish that which was expected of them. Ah, there are the key words…that which was expected of them. In almost all of life there are goals that we are expected to work, in order to reach and even to exceed. There is an expectation of what makes a good mother, a good friend, a good boss, a good leader. There is a sense of what is the “standard goal” for all of these things and when one exceeds these goals they are either revered or criticized…depending on the person you speak to.

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Going the Distance

Sometimes one of the hardest things for humans to experience in their various incarnations is the actual fulfillment of that which they came to life to accomplish.

Let me preface that statement by stating a factual certainty…there is such a thing as re-incarnation. One does incarnate over and over in various forms and in various levels of consciousness. The goal is for the soul to come to the perfect understanding of what it is like to be all things and all expressions…both “good” and “evil” so that in the “afterlife” there would be the ability to assimilate this information and overcome ones judgments, prejudices and pre-conceptions to become a being of pure love. When one experiences the “being” of a creature, then it is more likely that they will re-enter the next life form without an agenda toward that form.

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