Margaret’s Message For March

Hello Dear Ones and Welcome,

Each month I come to you to bring a message that will hopefully inspire you to see the days ahead as being filled with hope and desire and joy.  March is such an interesting month for that for even it its name it implies movement.  To march is to move forward – in unison with others, for a common purpose or cause – either in protest, celebration or remembrance.

So it is so fitting that for so many of you throughout the world March is also ushering in a new season – for some of you Spring and for some of you Fall.  Gerry lives on the East Coast of the United States and March brings with it the Springtime – a season filled with warmer temperatures – blossoming flowers and abundant sunshine that lasts later into the evening.   Spring is such a perfect word for this season since flowers seem to spring from their buds and leaves seem to spring onto the trees and the general effect on those who live in these environs is a feeling of hope and well-being.  Hope because you are emerging from the long winter – which keeps you inside and separated from nature and well-being -because the spring literally lifts your energy to a higher vibration.  This is because you are able to spend more time outdoors – thus taking in more of the clean/fresh energy outside – rather than re-cycling the stagnant energy in your home or place of work – or even your vehicle.  You do literally spring forward and the visible proof of rebirth, that you can see throughout nature, calls upon you to unconsciously remember that you can rebirth and re-invent yourself just as every other part of nature does!

And that is the essence of the message I bring to you today.  Spring is not just about the weather. It offers you testimonial proof that if all of nature can come back from the depths and death of winter – so can you.  Your thoughts are like seeds and what you are planting now is what will soon take root and grow!

So if we use the example of nature as the proof that there is a natural order to creation then let us recognize then that if you are a part of that natural order – then it would seem logical to think that if you follow the lead of nature, then perhaps you can call forth the same energy and also blossom and grow.

So let us follow then the following suggestions that you may use to “spring forward.”

1)      Assume that it is a part of your natural being to blossom and grow!  When the winter comes and flowers and plants go inside to prepare to re-create they do not ponder upon the possibility that they can fail at becoming a flower again. They just do it because they accept it as being their nature.  But humans – when they transition from one season of growth to the other – do not see the transition as being a natural opportunity to rest, renew and prepare for re-birth! Because of the hectic nature of the lives you have created you move quickly from one thing to the other – be it your jobs – or relationships, and in so doing you rarely give yourselves the time to experience a quiet time.  If you don’t have the time to block out a full season for rest and rejuvenation then take some time each day to do so.  Do you know that if you meditate for only 15 minutes per day that you will spend almost 6,000 minutes a year in peaceful reflection?  And that short period of peaceful reflection done every day is like the time a flower spends in rest before it blossoms. So you give yourselves the chance to hibernate and blossom every single day!

2)      Prepare the soil for best results.  If you are going to plant flowers it sometimes helps to make the soil as fertile as possible so that growth is almost guaranteed.  How you speak to yourself is the fertilizer of your personal thoughts.  You may have wonderful plans of how you would like to change your life and what you would like to create – but if you keep saying daily statements like, “what if I fail” or “Why can’t I do this” or many of the thousands of other forms of questions that form the soil around what you are trying to create – then those seeds are doomed to never take root or to grow in a stunted manner. Remember to ask yourself “why is it so easy” for you to succeed in (and then fill in the blank.)

3)      Add light! Here is where we can help you! Angles so desire to help you with the joy that you are seeking to bring to your life and the easiest way to be joyful is to ask us to help you in identifying the things that can make you joyful.  And please don’t feel guilty for feeling joy!  So many of you that are compassionate thinkers will see all the sadness in the world and feel that it is selfish to desire to be personally joyful.  But dear ones this could not be further from the truth – because the more you experience joy the more you raise your vibration and the more you raise your vibration then the more you raise the vibration of those around you  – and the more there vibration is raised then the more the planetary vibration is raised.  It is a domino effect.

Joy begets more joy.  But if your light is under a bushel – then how will it shine and help others to grow?  Let your light shine!


Enjoy everyday dear ones – regardless of the season – for every day there is an opportunity for you to create spring within you and to march forward on your own.  For then you do this you will notice that soon others will be marching along with you in your own little parade of joy!

Go in Peace,


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