Living Room Tour

2017 Living Room Tour

Often when speaking on the radio program, or when discussing the new book, “If You Could Talk to an Angel” Gerry inquires what people would ask if they had the chance to sit down in their living rooms and talk to an Angel.  Now that idea has become a reality – and it is LIVE!

The “2017 Living Room Tour” will bring Gerry and Margaret to Living Rooms and Dining Rooms and Family Rooms across the country – and hopefully around the world – to share Margaret LIVE and to teach everyone how they can speak to their own angels as well.

The tour will be traveling to cities and towns across the US and Canada first, meeting with small groups of just 20 people at a time – within the comfort of our hosts living space.  Each presentation will be for a full day (10am – 6pm) and will enable a very intimate opportunity to be joyfully immersed in angelic messages, creating new friendships and learning how to speak to your own angels, guides and ancestors.

The cost of the full day event is $197 (Regularly $247 at Hotel/Event Space Venues) and will include the following:

  • From 10am – 12pm: Gerry will channel the angel Margaret LIVE giving specific messages to this group, and taking questions from individuals within the group.
  • From Noon – 1:00pm: The group will break for lunch.  Participants are encouraged to bring a dish of food for a “pot-luck!” This is wonderful way for everyone to get to know each other, and Gerry, on a personal basis.
  • From 1pm to 5pm: Gerry will teach participants how to communicate with their own angels through the “Angels & Shamans” workshop; which has helped thousands of people to speak with their angels.
  • 5-6pm: Gerry will be available to sign books or CD’s (available at the event as well) and will give participants their own personal FREE download code (a $45 value) of the Angels & Shamans Audio Workshop to allow them to further develop their angelic communication skills!

We hope to visit over 50 cities and towns before the end of 2017 and yours could be one of them!  To see Gerry channeling Margaret you can click on this link to hear an “Interview with an Angel.”

Want to Attend the Living Room Tour?

Keep checking back with this site – or with our Facebook page for updates on locations and dates. We will be updating the site all the time to let you know where we are going to be!!!

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Saturday,    March 25, 2017

Los Angeles, California         10am-6pm

We are really excited to be coming to LA and couldn’t be more thrilled about the location.  We are being hosted in a beautiful loft nestled in the Downtown LA Arts District.  (See pictures below) To reserve your spot click here. This is a RESERVATION ONLY event so please reserve your spot ASAP.

LA loft area LA area art LA Loft DiningLA loft Living Area



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