“Angels & Shamans”© Workshop mp3 Download or CD

Inspired by the live workshop, the Angels and Shamans studio recorded workshop takes you through all of the exercises designed to teach you how to communicate with your own Guardian Angel. The recording also contains a BONUS guided meditation that gives you the opportunity to re-visit with your angel whenever you like. Available on CD or MP3 download.   The guided meditations contain beautiful background music composed by hit writing Musician and Producer,  John Mulrennan.

Length of Audio: 1 hr. 3 min. Order here

Drum Music For The Shamanic Journey or Shamanic Tapping

This mp3 offers drumming that was specifically created to be used in conjunction with Tapping, or with different types of shamanic journey. It features a “call-back” at the end of 30 minutes which is designed to bring the participant back from the journey state. To purchase the mp3 please click here:

Personalized Guided Meditation/Self-Hypnosis Recordings (mp3 or CD)

Getting our unconscious mind to help us to break an unhealthy habit, or to create a new way of thinking can be a challenge. Sometimes it is difficult get our mind to relax enough to focus on the mental images that can help us to heal.  I can help you to identify the patterns that are holding you back and can create guided meditations that will take you into a deeply relaxed, but totally aware state of mind. In this receptive state we can address your SPECIFIC concerns that you would like to change or heal. Individualized guided meditations and self hypnosis has been proven to be even more effective then group sessions and it can be repeated as often as you desire.  These personalized meditations include a 1/2 hour telephone or internet consultation which will be utilized to record your individualized meditation.  To schedule an appointment to design your personalized meditation please Click Here.


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