A Special Thank You

To Circle 3 Media

Most of the Media Placements that are mentioned on this site were facilitated by Jill Mangino and Ginger Price at Circle 3 Media. Not only are they wonderful Publicists – they are kind and very upbeat people that make the process of spreading your message a true joy! Jill has an amazing roster of clients that she has represented from Don Miguel Ruiz to Barbara Marx Hubbard and then some. I am really lucky to be working with them. If any one who reads these pages is looking  for a top notch media company…look no further then Circle 3 Media.

Hay House World Summit Interview with John Holland

One of Gerry’s favorite interview’s ever  was with world renowned psychic medium John Holland. John is an amazing interviewer and he skillfully delves into the roots of Gerry’s relationship with Margaret, his work as an “Empowerment Specialist.” Gerry also takes listeners on a guided Grounding Meditation that had previously only been heard as part of the Angels & Shamans workshop!

For more information about John you can visit

Princeton TV – The Natasha Show

with Natasha Sherman

I had the great pleasure of appearing on The Natasha Show on Princeton TV in Princeton NJ. Natasha Sherman is the host and she did an amazing job asking a great array of questions that really got to the core of Messages from Margaret. The link to the program, which is posted to Vimeo is here:

“Being Here”

with Ariel & Shya Kane

On June 20th I had the pleasure of  “Being On” the radio with Ariel and Shya Kane on  their program “Being Here.”  I had a wonderful time. They are bright, funny and very insightful.

You can listen to the replay of the program at this link:

Sterling Spin Radio

with Liz Sterling on Blogtalk Radio

This was a wonderful 1/2 hour interview with Liz Sterling who has interviewed some of the most influential self help authors, such as Deepak Chopra, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marianne Williamson and Debbie Ford.

I was really honored to be included in such great company and especially enjoyed Liz’s great relaxed interview style and her “speed answer” closing that gave me the opportunity to give Margaret’s viewpoints on a host of topics!

Recorded on 6/26/2012


The Dr. Pat Show

with Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili has a dynamic radio program that has grown from    a show on one single station…that she financially supported to a worldwide network that reaches millions of people.

This was a wonderful interview and there will be a Part II in the near future!

This one hour show was recorded on 6/27/12.



The Dave Alan Show

Dave Alan has an amazing radio show and an amazing personal story. Dave had a very successful syndicated radio program back in the late 90’s and then suffered a brain stem stroke in 2000. He spent 9 days in a coma and during that time clearly remembers going throughout the hospital he was in and communicating with the spirits of people who had died, but didn’t understand what was happening. Dave recovered, way beyond the expectations that any doctors had for him, and now he is back on the air, at KSCO, Santa Cruz CA, exposing the truth and debunking the myths of society.  I was honored when Dave asked me to be on his show…but even more so when he asked me to stay for the second hour. Links for both hours, recorded on 7.8.12 are below:

Hour 1: Gerry Gavin “Messages From Margaret” H r 1, 7-8-12

Hour 2: Gerry Gavin “Messages From Margaret” H r 2, 7-8-12

Angel Quest Radio Show

with Karen Noe

I had the great pleasure to meet Karen Noe in person in April of 2012, shortly after she found out that her Balboa Press book, Through the Eyes of Another, had been picked up by Hay House – the largest publisher of spiritual books in the world.  Karen was gracious enough to invite me to be a guest on her monthly radio program and to teach Angels and Shamans at her North Jersey Angel Quest Center.  She is one of those people who’s authentic nature just shines through and I really encourage you all to read her book. You can find more information about it here.

This was a great interview and Karen also had some interesting callers who asked wonderful questions. You can listen to the full one hour interview, recorded on 7/7/12 at the link below.

Karen Noe interview with Gerry Gavin







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